•   weight sets Olympic Size Weight Sets

    Olympic Sized Weight Sets We stock a wide range of olympic size weight sets for sale at great prices. Our olympic weight...

  •   weight sets Olympic Size Rubber Coated

    Rubber Coated Olympic Sized Weights Choose from our wide range of rubber coated, olympic sized weight sets in a variety of...

  •   cast iron weight sets Olympic Size Cast Iron

    Cast Iron Olympic Weight Sets For the classic gym look, buy from our range of cast iron olympic weight sets. We stock a wide ...

  •   Bumper Plates

    Cheap Bumper Plates Buy cheap bumper plates for your gym. Our range of muscle motion bumper plates come in many sizes and...

  •   Technique Plates

    Technique Bumper Plates Our range of more lightweight technique plates are used by beginners to improve their weight lifting ...

  •   standard weight sets Standard Size Weight Sets

    Standard Weight Sets Choose from our range of standard sized weight sets to start a new gym or add to your existing weight...

  •   standard weight sets Standard Size Rubber Coated

    Rubber Coated Standard Weight Sets Choose from single pairs of rubber coated weight plates up to 1000kg rubber coated...

  •   standard weight sets Standard Size Cast Iron

    Standard Cast Iron Weights Add to your existing gym or start a new one with our tough cast iron weight sets. This is the the ...


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We have a wide variety of weight sets for sale a low prices. When you buy your weights from Gym Direct, you save. Choose the weights you would like to buy, add them to the shopping cart and have them delivered to your door quickly.

Our range includes olympic sized weight sets, olympic cast iron weights, bumper plates, technique plates, and standard weights sets with both rubber coated and cast iron options.

Some of the categories of weights we stock include cast iron weights, bumper plates, and many other standard and Olympic sized weight sets to suit any purpose.

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